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Thank you for visiting my web site. I trust that the following information detailing my very special children's parties will help you in selecting the right professional entertainment for your child's party, or other occasion you have in mind. 



Telephone  02476 410246

The very best children's mobile disco entertainment at the most affordable price.

The No.1 Choice.    Often imitated but never equalled.

To get an insight to all we do, and offer, please take the time to read all the pages.   Thank you

Rascals Childrens Disco is fronted by DJ Russ Dobson, a full time professional children's DJ entertainer with over 23 years experience, having entertained kids at every type of event, and venue, indoors and outdoors imaginable.     

With his business partner Malcolm they have 100's of very successful parties to their credit during 2013. They are the most popular children's mobile disco entertainers in the area. Most of the bookings coming from recommendations or repeats. Over the years they have built up a reputation for providing a fantastic party second to none.

They specialise in children's birthday parties, schools, corporate occasions, fates, weddings, christenings, communions and all events involving entertaining children.  

Our super disco parties are aimed at 4 to 11 year olds. They have to be seen to be believed. You get a professional DJ entertainer who provides non stop fun, games and dancing to suit the age group. We play the music, organise the games, competitions and run the show. You can sit back, relax and enjoy. 


Please feel free to ask for some  

All equipment used at the disco is P.A.T tested, we hold Public Liability Insurance and are CRB checked.   

If your child's birthday means more to you than just a party you will love what we are about.  


                           IF YOU WANT A REALLY GOOD PARTY   

Plan the type of party you want. 

For ideas please see pages-   What We Do    Theme    Questions  

Restrict numbers and age range.  

To be certain of a successful party always book a specialist children's disco entertainer,  not an ordinary disco company who do kids parties as a sideline. There are very few DJ's, who do adult parties, capable of entertaining children in a professional and successful manner, or even want to! 

Book a suitable venue. The smaller the better. Ask our advice if not sure. Please ensure it is on the ground floor, we have heavy equipment.

Discuss with us what you want, and expect, at the party. We go to great lengths to please. 

Select the choice of food to suit children not adults.  Ask our advice.

Please check our availability before booking the venue, try to be flexible with the party time, we will do our best to fit you in.  For a two hour party the the venue needs to be booked a minimum three hours, idealy three and a half.

Our party times are on the page   What We Do and Party Times

If you are working to a cost budget, find out if there are any other children having birthdays near to your own child's, joint parties can be twice the fun and half the cost!     

To avoid disappointment - 

Always book the entertainer before booking the venue, anyone who is popular, will have limited availability. We do take a commission cut out of the fee then pass bookings on to anybody who will do it like many others. When you book Rascals Childrens Disco it is with a professional children's DJ entertainer with the promise - The Best Party Ever 

There is limited weekend availability now for  


We are very busy. Try to be flexible with the date, and time, of the party.

Please see our party times if a weekend party.

We are available 7 days a week

A weekday party is ideal, you can have the party at any time of the day Monday to Friday. Especially bank holidays, half term, easter, summer, and Christmas school holidays.

Please do not hesitate to seek our advice regarding entertaining children, our wealth of experience, and expertise, comes free of charge. 




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